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re: TERRA: NCsoft Sues Bluehole and En Masse, TERA Delayed?


Just recently, TERA North America publisher En Masse Entertainment finally announced that the game will be released on May 1st(link) this year. But due to a lawsuit filed earlier this month by NCsoft, the original launch plan seems out on a limb.

According to a post from MMOCulture, NCsoft sued Bluehole Studio and En Mass Entertainment, respectively the developer and the North American publisher of TERA, alleging that Bluehole Studio was founded by former NCsoft employees (working on the fabled Lineage 3) who quit to go into business for themselves and further claiming that "they made off with copious amounts of confidential and proprietary NCsoft information, computer software, hardware and artwork relating to Lineage 3."

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It is known that the former employees were convicted in Korea of stealing trade secrets from NCsoft in 2009 and the convictions were mostly upheld by an appellate court. NCsoft also filed a civil complaint against the individuals and Bluehole in Korea in 2010 and won damages and an injunction. However, the damages award was overturned by an appellate court.

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